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History in General

Social Studies for Kids – all kinds of links to good information

Kidipede –History for Kids – Upper grades, includes Culture, Arts, Foods, etc.

Time For Kids – Reproducibles in many themes

Mens’ and Women’s Clothing since the 1700’s – Memorial Hall Museum

Social Studies Home Page – Holt, Reinhart and Winston – links to internet resources

Awesome Stories
When you become a member of Awesome Stories ... You can see everything on the site (including an extensive image data base), explore all its features (including narrated stories), dig deeper (with lesson plans and text documents) and hear from us once a month (with a newsletter profiling current events and hot topics). It's all free!

Best History Sites – Ed Tech teacher

Reading Quest – Reading Strategies for Social Studies

Strategies for Reading Comprehension.  Introduce strategies such as concept mapping and/or comparison charts early to your primary readers. You'll find both instructions and printable charts for a wide variety of reading strategies at this site.

VITAL – NYS Test Prep in Science and Social Studies - This collection of educational resources was created for teachers to prepare students for the New York State assessments in Social Studies and Science. The media resources include lesson plans and student activities that focus on the different topics covered on the tests. The materials are designed to be used for whole-class instruction or for group and individual practice.
"Wilson and Ditch: Digging America" is a new PBS web-only social studies series on American Culture, History and Geography by The Jim Henson Company – beginning mid January 2010

Build a Castle – Highlights for kids

15th Century Navigation – info about ships, maps, travel at that time (Rice edu)

Teaching History.org – links, ideas, resources, lesson plans

Stat Planet – Statistics for anywhere on earth



Geography for kids – the study of our earth – Kids’ Geo

Maps of Continents, Regions and Countries - Factmonster

Maps of the World Online – University of Texas

Maps - CIA World Factbook

Color Landform Atlas

Infoplease – Countries of the World – general information

Seterra – grades 3-5

Designed by the same person who created Sebran, Seterra is a challenging geography program with over 70 different exercises.  By using the outline map exercises, students may learn about countries, capitals, flags and cities in Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Australia.  Each exercise has a high score list to keep track of progress

Traveler IQ – difficult

Maps That Teach - Free maps and map puzzles to learn United States and World geography with Maps that Teach. Free interactive maps and map puzzles to learn continents, countries, states, capitals, borders, physical features and cultural monuments.

USA map with states outlined – in pdf printable form - Eduplace

USA map with states outlined – list of postal abbreviations of states for kids to fill in (elcivics)

USA map with states and capitals – pdf form – Eduplace

State outline maps – pdf form - Eduplace

American History

Mr. Nussbaum – many links for US History
To Market, to Market - A Study of the Colonial Economy from 1600-1750 – interesting for upper grades

Harvest of History - The history of New York State agriculture is the story of our collective past. Explore the Village to find out where your food comes from, how and where it grows, and compare life in 1845 with our modern world.

This "webisode" from PBS details the idea of freedom, religious dissenters, the Pilgrims, William Bradford, and the voyage to America aboard the Mayflower. It's highly interactive, with photos and printable documents sprinkled throughout. (3-8)

American Revolution lesson plans and activities (MCE)

American History Units – Learner.org

Ken Burns -The National Parks - for Educators

Interactive Lewis And Clark Adventure: Scholastic
Start off in Monticello; ask your students if they know where and what that is, to begin with. Then follow along the Lewis & Clark expedition through St. Louis, North Dakota, and finally in Oregon. Links take students on journeys online to learn more about specific events on the trip, and they can add specimens they collect along the way to their specimen box. Student reporters have added to the interactive lesson by tapping into the Trail Today, adding several articles of interest. Timelines guide students through each section of the journey; student groups could take on any of the topics for further investigations and reports.

The Oregon Trail - PBS

This site was created by the two educators responsible for the PBS award-winning documentary of the same name. It is designed specifically for both home-schoolers and teachers.  There is so much information here.

Women Who Changed History - Scholastic

There are wonderful stories to explore about amazing women who changed the course of history, such as Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African-American female in space; Amelia Earhart, pioneering aviator; and Melba Pattillo, one of the nine students who volunteered to integrate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Besides offering those stories, this site by Scholastic includes profiles of suffragists and many activities that will enable students to both appreciate female contributions and to participate in Women's History Month.

Underground Railroad – National Geographic



Presidents - A site by 5th graders – Pocantico Hills

Presidents of the US – Internet Public Library

US Presidents – Miller Center

Presidents – White House

Presidents – Social Studies for Kids

Presidents – Kid Info



Native Americans

Native American Wampum – and more – Native Tech

At bottom of this page it has a link saying “Explore other areas of Native Tech.”  It has many other topics

Mohawk Iroquois Village – New York State Museum

From the New York State Museum, take an online tour through an Iroquois village and learn how and why it was set up with longhouses, various clearings, and structures.

Making Native American Pinchpots – Teachers First

National Park Service – Knife River

National Park Service – Trail of Tears

This site from the Smithsonian offers a wealth of diverse cultural resources, online exhibitions, and information - from lesson plans, to buffalo hide painting, textiles of the Southwest, diaries, indigenous geographies, and more.

Native Cultures Links

On the Trail of Captain John Smith – National Geographic for Kids - With this game, students will have to cross the ocean to an unknown land, fend off Spanish forces, establish a colony, and find resources to survive harsh winters. Students will meet Captain John Smith - first appearing as a prisoner on the journey over the Atlantic, then helping to build the colonists' fort.

Pocahontas Slide Show - BBC


Culture and Immigration Websites

Scholastic Activities

An Interactive History Of Ellis Island - Scholastic
This online exploration allows students to delve into the experiences of immigrants, with an interactive floor plan to explore in text, photos, audio, and video presentations. A 15 year old girl from Ireland was apparently the first immigrant to go through Ellis Island.

America’s Library – Ellis Island

PBS Statue of Liberty project for 4 – 9th grades. 


US Government

Voters – Upper Grades – Library of Congress

Interesting information about who has been given the right to vote in the US over the years and why.

Census in Schools Kit - Scholastic


World History

An extensive educator's resource guide provides an Online Teacher's Workshop as well as teaching materials and resources on the Holocaust.

History Mystery – Scholastic Teacher

Choose your game and level from among a variety of topics, including American Colonial Life, Native American Culture, Westward Migration, the Civil Rights Movement, Vikings, Explorers, Transportation, Ancient Egypt, WWII, and more. Students will be using clues and doing the research to discover the mystery object - an object, person, place, or historical event. Spelling counts - students will have to make sure they enter correctly spelled guesses. (grades 4-9)

WikiBooks – Ancient Civilizations

The target age of this title is 8-12 years old. Section titles will include major groups of people or substantial empires in ancient times. The print version will focus only on answering a specific series of questions about selected civilizations. There will be an introduction and a basic discussion of archaeology.


Other Cultures

Asia for Educators – Columbia U.