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Promethean Planet – this is a rival to the SmartBoard but the website has many ideas and lessons.  I don’t know if they’ll work on the SmartBoard – let me know if you try it – they may give you some good ideas anyway

I Know That – many interactive exercises and also information activities illustrated - grade specific
Watch Know – videos geared for kids K-12

Neo Kids many 4 – 5 minute videos in several subjects – worth a look

Eduscapes – many subjects and ideas

Various resources are included here for exploring literacy issues with an interactive whiteboard, including sentence construction, grammar, similes, contractions, and writing instruction.

Julie Thompson – K - 3

Roy the Zebra Word Games – grades K & 1 – Alphabetical order, singular or plural, high frequency words, double consonants, phonemes, words that rhyme, tricky words - find games to practice all of these skills with the vast database of online games supplied here.

Tutorials on How to Use the SmartBoard

Global Classroom - Interactive Resources

Online stopwatch

Timer, Stopwatch, Countdown

Teacher’s Domain – many short video clips and lesson plans.  You need to register but it is free and easy.

These activities would work well with Smart Boards too

Kindersite – Educational Games for 7-12 yrs old

KS1 Bitesite from BBC – approx K – 3rd grades

Math and Literacy Games

Math, Literacy and Science games – approx. 3rd – 5th grades

Pete’s Powerpoint Station

Free presentations in Powerpoint on many subjects – worth checking.


Many interactive educational activities.  Ideal for SmartBoard.  Generally for older than elementary but there are some which will work well for you in the major subjects.

Interactive Educational White Board Games from PBS

Many games organized by grade


Smart Board Templates

Interactive Sites for Smart Board Use

Shodor interactive activities – variety of grades


AIM - Flash Animations for lessons

Scholastic – Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Learning Games and Teaching Tools

Computer Lab Favorites – Scholastic - 15 – 30 minute learning activities – variety of subjects

ICT Games – Maths and Literacy and demonstration activities

Khan Academy – thousands of tutorials - many for older than our kids but there are several which you might want to use.  Free and you can download them so you don’t have to depend on our slow connections

PBS Kids Lab – new games and activities for kids with popular characters

Crawford the Cat – 5 minute videos for Kindergarten on washing hands, brushing teeth, etc. Also has wordsearch and puzzles.

I Spy Online Games – Scholastic – good for SmartBoards and also for more advanced ESL students

Bob’s Place of Educational Links

Learner.org - Annenberg Media – videos on demand – tend to be for upper grades but worth a check

Mr. Nussbaum – grade specific activities in many disciplines

Knowledge Box - find engaging and interactive games to support math and language arts skills, with topics in science and social studies as well. Select your grade level, from K-6, to begin. (Professor Garfield)

Ambles Primary - large clock you can put on board and have kids move the hands for the correct time

Stop the Clock -  Students will drag digital time readouts to the corresponding times on analog clocks, then click on "Stop the Clock" when they are done. (Oswego)

Mrs. Blossom – many different lessons and ideas for using the SmartBoard

Digital Pencil – digital organizers.  You need a subscription for some of it but some is free

SmartBoard Templates Edtech – templates are organized by grades

Primary Interactives – Early learning and middle grades, math, reading, science short activities created for the SmartBoard – worth a look! (Primary Resources)

ABC Mouse – Scholastic – young grades – many activities

Online Schools Guidebook- learn about online learning methods and technologies and how to identify quality online schools or program 


National Council of Teachers of Math electronic examples K -12

Adam Ant illustrates how to find the perimeter of an object

Teetertotter Experiment

Is the teeter totter balanced? Students will consider weight measurements as they balance each side of this interactive teeter totter with different animals.

Texas Mathematics Macmillan 4th Grade - Multiplying whole numbers, division, measuring capacity, using place value, comparing fractions, developing spatial reasoning, or using place value -- all of these concepts are covered in these online modules, resources, and interactive games.

Texas Mathematics – Macmillan 5th Grade - While geared to Texas standards, the online review, content, and games here will benefit most fifth grade math classes. Probability, perimeter, area, metric measurements, algebraic expressions, and interpreting data are all included.

Math 6 – Spy Guys – Alberta, Canada

Math with a spy theme.   All key grade six math concepts are covered here: decimals, ratios, fractions, mixed numbers, integers, rounding, area, perimeter, etc. Though it’s grade 6 I think some of the demonstrations might be useful for 4th and 5th grades.

Estimation numbers and Fractions - This site from the Oswego School District in NY allows for estimation of numbers and fractions on a number with 7 different levels of difficulty.  This site can be used with a Smart Board.

Interactive Physical Sciences and Math Simulations – University of Colorado

ICT Games – Maths and Literacy and demonstration activities

Math Class Starters – Upper Grades

Math Train TV – short videos by middle school kids on math concepts

Fish Tank – a probability game

A-Plus Math - To find the hidden picture students will first have to answer all multiplication questions correctly. Use it for drills - with a timer - to see how fast they can solve them.

Interactive Geometry - Ambleweb - Download an interactive isosceles triangle and play with the vertices, and answer math discussion questions. Find similar approaches for each of the entries with this interactive geometry resource.

Polygon Playground – Drag shape to make patterns, pictures, tessellations (MathCats)

Favorite Math SmartBoard Activities – Upper Grades

Calculator – white board sized for teaching the calculator

Math Maven Mysteries – Many stories which present math solution.  Stories are read to the kids and they have to solve the mystery.  Different degrees of difficulty. Might be good for a 10 minute break once in a while. Scholastic

Math Games – Skillswise BBC – 39 different games to practice all different math skills – grades 3 - 5

Johnnie’s Math Page -  Interactive math tools, math activities and math fun for kids and their teachers – Grades K - 5

Classroom Jeopardy - You can make your own review games here, with their online generator. A Game Library is also available, along with a How-To to guide you through making your own learning games. Designed for use on SmartBoards 

Guess the Number - How many tries will it take your 4th grade students to guess the correct number, estimating according to the clues given, and proceeding to adjust their guesses until they get the correct figure. (Ambleside)

A Maths Dictionary for Kids – Definitions and examples for math terms and also some fun practice (Jenny Eather)

Virtual Manipulatives - Choose your grade level, background and manipulatives, and then try out all the functions with this online virtual manipulatives feature from McGraw Hill.


Language Arts

Wordplay - PBS - What would happen if words looked exactly like what they meant? Find out here, in this interactive Word Play game from PBS.

Writing Fun - Good writing examples and organization – might be good for SmartBoard Lessons – grades 3-5

Scholastic Book Videos are short video clips that can be used to enrich your lessons and library presentations. Bring authors into your classroom with our exclusive Author Videos that give students the inside story of what being a writer is all about. Listen and watch our Author Read-Alouds to see authors bring their own books to life.

Sentence Detectives - This interactive whiteboard activity either reviews or introduces different kinds of sentences to your upper elementary students, then allows them to sort sample sentences.

4 Aesop’s Fables - animated stories

Vocabahead – very short videos demonstrating meaning of word – upper grades

ICT Games – Maths and Literacy and demonstration activities

Story-It – word games to play on SmartBoard for several grades

5th Grade Spelling Activities – Interactive activities cover all four quarters of spelling lessons during the school year.  Mrs. Dell

Spelling City – teacher resources - videos and games using compound words, analogies, synonyms, etc.


I Know That – Science Lab – many elementary topics explained with illustrations

EekoWorld (PBS)

Cartoon characters mixed with photos discuss different ecosystems (tundra, forests, aquatic, grasslands, desert).

Monterey Bay Aquarium – activities and games on the ocean and its inhabitants

Learning Science - This website offering free science resources was developed by learningscience.org, an organization dedicated to sharing the emerging tools of science education: real-time data collection, simulations, inquiry based lessons, interactive web lessons, micro-worlds, and imaging. Click on categories including Science Inquiry, Life Science, Earth and Space, The History and Nature of Science, Tools to do Science and more

Sid the Science Kid – PBS

Elementary curriculum includes science lessons and interactive illustrations

All About Farm Animals - Click on any of the images of farm animals to learn more about them with this elementary resource covering ducks, cows, sheep and turkeys. Look for further resources for each animal as well, with songs, clipart and crafts.

Illuminating Photosynthesis – PBS - interactive cartoon on how plant grows and photosynthesis
Plant Life Cycle - Brainpop

The Life Cycle of a Plant

This is a fun set of activities which will help you gain an understanding of the life cycle of plants. There are animations to illustrate a variety of plant processes, games to play, and worksheets to complete. This also has a WhiteBoard Version.

EdHeads – Science topics

Gain teaching ideas for grades K through 6 with Essential Science for Teachers: Life Science session 2, "Classifying Living Things," and 5, "Variation, Adaptation, and Natural Selection."

The program "All Sorts of Leaves" in Science K-6: Investigating

Classrooms spotlights a 1st-grade class in Boynton Beach, Florida studying biodiversity through a lesson on leaves.

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Cute interactive program that explains about circuits and why they work.  Could be used with the Smartboard Presentations.

Real Scientists Click on any of these modern day scientists to learn more about what they do, and how they became interested in their professions. Each one is presented in an online video. (PBS Dragonfly)

Windows to the Universe – Good for showing and explaining weather, climate change, solar system, water, etc.

Interactive Physical Sciences and Math Simulations – University of Colorado

Freeze Ray - This site offers a growing bank of imaginative, highly visual science related teaching-aids developed for use with interactive whiteboards in  schools. 3rd grade and up

Science Clips – BBC by ages for 5 years through 11 years

Fear of Physics – Physics explained in demonstrations

PhET - The site has interactive simulations for physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, and math that teachers and students can use. (U of Colorado)

Plants in Motion – short videos show how plants grow (Indiana University)

Short Videos of Birds in Flight (Cornell)



Social Studies
The Underground Railroad – Full unit on this
Teacher video resources – free.  Tend to be for older children but some are for all elementary and the others may be adaptable for something you need.

Interactives – US History Map

This interactive history map asks students to identify regions and physical features, and shows the United States patterns of settlement over the years. Students will learn about map legends and symbols, how to interpret maps, and then try to identify locations of features. They will then move onto different topics, such as regions and the 50 states, colonists, Native Americans, and the nation expanding, before testing their skills.

State Capital Game – kids pick state and then choose capital from 3 choices (Vector Kids)

State Capital Game – state is outlined – kids choose capital (KidsGeo)

"Wilson and Ditch: Digging America" is a new PBS web-only social studies series on American Culture, History and Geography by The Jim Henson Company

Short Films of Noteworthy Events

Daily Life in the Colonies - PBS

Video Demonstrations of Early American Tools

Colonial Currency – Notre Dame

Life in Colonial Williamsburg – History.org

Explore the lives of colonial Americans-slave and free, men and women, rich and poor in cartoon format

The Mannahatta Project - The Mannahatta Project, is an effort to show what the ecology of Manhattan was once like and how it has changed from forests full of animal habitats to a habitat mainly for people. There is an interactive map to view changes in specific locations and plenty of links to learn about the science behind the project. Includes resources for teachers, students.

Hippo Campus – for older kids but has some multimedia sections the older classes could use

National Geographic – short videos for kids – animals, history, etc. 

Columbus – Biography Channel

Columbus – National Geographic

Columbus - History Channel

Columbus – BBC Famous People Slide Show

Biography of America - Annenberg – good for upper grades


Halloween Internet Activities for Lower Grades

SCARECROW PUZZLE - Aaargh! All the puzzle pieces are mixed up in this online scarecrow puzzle. Find their mates, me hearties, and win the prize! Okay, there's no prize - except for puzzle completion in this K-2 harvest puzzle.


Halloween Logic Game – 4th and 5th grade