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BBC – Science Clips – short cartoons explaining science topics


Fear of Physics - This is an interactive, highly visual, and non-technical way for students to learn about the laws of physics in action.


Seasonal Changes in the Forest - Enter a forest and learn about the seasonal changes in both the plant and animal world with this wonderful online learning module. (National Zoo)




Learning Science - This website offering free science resources was developed by learningscience.org, an organization dedicated to sharing the emerging tools of science education: real-time data collection, simulations, inquiry based lessons, interactive web lessons, micro-worlds, and imaging. Click on categories including Science Inquiry, Life Science, Earth and Space, The History and Nature of Science, Tools to do Science and more


Cool Science


Canada Online


Education World


Apples for the Teacher – Interactive Science Activities



Scott Foresman – K – 5 Science


Science Activities - K, 1, 2


Discovery Education – Lesson Plans


Pro Teacher


3M Science of Everyday Life – lessons and ideas for science experiments using everyday objects by grade


Enchanted Learning


Frank Potter’s Science Gems

Great Links to Great Science Resources by Grade


Internet for Classrooms – Elementary Science


Learning Science - has some good demos


Discovery Science Fair Central


Printable conversion chart


Kid Science Links

Easy to read in many science subjects – good research for you and the kids.

Siemens Science Day- free registration – videos and lesson plans geared to grade level

VITAL – NYS Test Prep in Science and Social Studies - This collection of educational resources was created for teachers to prepare students for the New York State assessments in Social Studies and Science. The media resources include lesson plans and student activities that focus on the different topics covered on the tests. The materials are designed to be used for whole-class instruction or for group and individual practice.


Web Weather for Kids


How about learning how to measure the wind or detect moisture conditions? Even better, learn all about hurricanes and how they start. This site for elementary classes has loads of resources for making your own weather stations and learning all about weather. (2-4)


Handprint Rainbow


National Geographic Habitats for Educators


Build an Online Habitat

The kids need to choose the animal, weather, terrain, etc. to create a habitat.  There are other activities on that site having to do with animals and habitats


PBS – Journey into Amazonia

Good websites for those studying the Rainforest and the Amazon in particular.


What Tree Is It? – identify different trees by their leaves, fruit or name. Ohio Division of Forestry


Photosynthesis – an animation Un. of Alberta, Ca


Desert USA – Desert environment and geology


These Homework Files on Exploring Oceans provide carefully selected and excellent online resources, exploring all aspects of ocean life for possible student research topics.


SeaWorld – teachers guides with lesson ideas and a lot of information for many sea creatures


Space Photos – Jet Propulsion Labs




Videos on the Solar System  - Several online videos are available here to learn about our solar system and each of the planets. Videos range from four to ten minutes in length, and might just provide a good introduction to your astronomy units. (NeoK-12)


Geological Features of Earth as Seen From Space


Volcano World


EekoWorld (PBS)

Cartoon characters mixed with photos discuss different ecosystems (tundra, forests, aquatic, grasslands, desert).

Earth Day Lessons and Activities


K-12 Energy Lesson Plans

The plans are broken down by grades

Siemans – Energy Conservation – Lesson plans, videos, and virtual labs – grade specific (We can change the world challenge)

Monarch Butterfly migration – slide show shows maps, months, etc. (Lerner.org)

Monarch Butterfly migration – slide show shows maps, months but explains in more detail (Lerner.org)


Worms at Work for the younger grades



The Bugscope project provides free interactive access to a scanning electron microscope (SEM) so that students anywhere in the world can explore the microscopic world of insects.


Entomology – Upper Grades

You'll find creative, science lesson plans in entomology listed for each month of the year, depending on what topic is current and available with the changing seasons. Study "The Secret Life of Ants", "How Cicadas Sing", or learn "How to Make a Butterfly Garden", for instance.


Your students are off to South America with an entomologist in order to do fieldwork on insect species. To prove they're up to the task, they have to classify animals first, learning about invertebrates, vertebrates, arthropods, arachnids, true metamorphosis, and true bugs. A quiz is available at the end of the game.


Penguins - Variety of activities


Endangered Animal TV


The Elements of Machines


Simple and Complex Machines


“How Can We Move Our Principal?” This is a cute activity for 3rd graders.  The principal breaks his foot and the kids  have to choose the simple machines that will help him get around.


The Life Cycle of a Plant

This is a fun set of activities which will help you gain an understanding of the life cycle of plants. There are animations to illustrate a variety of plant processes, games to play, and worksheets to complete. This also has a WhiteBoard Version.


Activities on Static Electricity

FRANKENSTEIN'S ELECTRICITY LAB: The Frankenstein element is optional in this science lab, where students will use lemons or limes and a few screws, along with holiday lights (mini lights will do) to learn how to create their own batteries and to light up bulbs. Students can experiment with other fruits and vegetables as well, conducting experiments with pH levels and their relationships to voltage and currents.

Students will learn all about suspensions and solutions, how to separate solids, surface tension, capillary action, and more in these chemistry experiments designed for the elementary classroom


PBS – “Seeing in the Dark” – astronomy lessons and fun activities – grades 3-5


Chocolate Resources – The History and Science of Chocolate (makes my mouth water!)


Chocolate - Exploratorium

The Water Cycle

Learn why and how water is always on the move in this online presentation for elementary students. Select either an auto function to move through the exhibit seamlessly, or make it interactive, where students will select which component they wish to learn about.


More on the Water Cycle


EPA Activity Book on Water Cycle


National Geographic Virtual Dig

This feature by National Geographic provides users with an opportunity to conduct their own virtual dig. Chip away at the earth with a hammer, brush away the dust, then ship your crate off to the lab. Three different locations are available in this remarkably detailed interactive exercise.


Dinosaur Train – cute for younger grades

Essential Science for Teachers

Gain teaching ideas for grades K through 6 with Essential Science for Teachers: Life Science session 2, "Classifying Living Things," and 5, "Variation, Adaptation, and Natural Selection."


The program "All Sorts of Leaves" in Science K-6: Investigating

Classrooms spotlights a 1st-grade class in Boynton Beach, Florida studying biodiversity through a lesson on leaves.


Annenberg Media

Teacher video resources – free.  Tend to be for older children but some are for all elementary and the others may be adaptable for something you need.