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Multimedia Math Glossary

Harcourt School Publishers offers an informative and interactive glossary of math terms for grades K-6. Just choose a grade level, choose a math term from the list, and get a concise definition, often accompanied by an interactive illustration and pop-up definitions of related terms.


Wikipedia – Table of Math Symbols


Glencoe eGlossary of Math Terminology


Printable Roman Numerals Chart


Printable Paper Money


Has lesson plans and several ideas for activities


Introduce all kinds of graphs to your students, including circle, picture, bar, and line graphs, with this online and interactive graphing project. After learning about five different types of graphs, students will then be given examples and asked to identify each type.


GeoGebra is sort of like the inverse (converse?) of a graphing calculator. Instead of inputting the equation to get a graph, you can input the graph and see the equation. For upper grades

Math Skill Builders Sites – online activities in math by grades


Bingo Card Generator

Whether you're focusing on numbers, letters, colors, or shapes, this Bingo card generator can help your students to review skills with a fun learning game. Choose either a 3x3 or 5x5 format, and use this generator to make Bingo cards for the Candy Corn Bingo, under Learning Skills.

Math Playground Word Problems - Hundreds of self-checking math word problems for students in grades 1 to 6. There are currently 675 word problems available


Math Games and Online Practice – variety including simple addition to fractions and decimals (Soft Schools)


Math Videos

I Know That – Math “games” and workshops illustrating concepts

Math is Fun – good for math help – 2nd to 5th grade


 IXL – Great math practice site with activities by grades


Powerpoint Presentations by teachers on many subjects


Daily Self Starter Themes

This offers ideas for activities for first thing in the morning but it also has some other ideas, lessons, tips that may be helpful.


Time to Move – Math measurements for young ones


What’s the Point

Here's a bit of graphing review within one quadrant, where students have to place the (x,y) points on the graph in this interactive math game.


Isometric Drawing Grid


Everyday Math Resources – Grades K – 5


Find the Perimeter - some worksheets and explanations


Deb Russell – Mathematics Guide


Math Computation online test that you can choose the skill and level


Times Tables Games

Cool audio whirlygigs and blasts accompany this appealing online multiplication game. Students will select to work with or without a grid (probably best to work with the grid the first time around), with or without a timer, and with or without audio. They can select their multipliers, and choose between two games as well -- great multiplication practice that will keep your 3rd - 4th grade students coming back for more!

Nature, Science and Math activities in lesson plans graded K – 4

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


Interactive Resources




Interactive Math


Interactive Math Websites


Online Interactive Math Tests – Texas Ed. Dept.


Internet 4 Classrooms – Skill builders in all grades


Math Can Take you Places – Check it Out

Reinforce problem-solving, estimation, addition, and subtraction skills by playing a game in which students are required to use a checkbook to keep track of a vacation budget.

 2nd grade Math Packet  - TLS - Math Worksheets

Texas Mathematics Macmillan 4th Grade - Multiplying whole numbers, division, measuring capacity, using place value, comparing fractions, developing spatial reasoning, or using place value -- all of these concepts are covered in these online modules, resources, and interactive games.


Texas Mathematics – Macmillan 5th Grade - While geared to Texas standards, the online review, content, and games here will benefit most fifth grade math classes. Probability, perimeter, area, metric measurements, algebraic expressions, and interpreting data are all included.


Science and Math tools – Digital Learning PD

MAKING CHANGE: In this online math game, your 3rd - 4th grade students must add up the amount owed, subtract the difference from what the customer pays, and then give back the correct amount of change - with the least amount of bills and coins possible.

Math Cats

Math Nook – fun games in math for all grades   

Mathematical Conversion Utilities – Kids Newsroom

Basic Geometry Kids Newsroom


Different Types of Calculator- Did you know there's more than one simple calculator?  You can actually calculate your body mass index, healthy eating, carbon footprint, and lots more!  Go check it out.

Money Resource Guide

Financial Literacy Resources- Links to discuss money, savings, earnings, and much more.