Fifth Grade Math Sites


Scholastic Math Hunt



Operation Order


Math Manipulatives


Funbrain Numbers

KS2 Bitesize from BBC – approx. 3rd – 5th grades

Villainy, Inc. -  “Thwarting world supremacy through mathematics”


Math Computation online test that you can choose the skill and level


Interactive Math Activities


Arcademic Skill Builders


Math Maven’s Mystery


Ambleweb Division Machine - Kids practice division on 3 levels


Fraction Action

Car race where you have to add fractions correctly for your car to win


ABCYA - Grades K - 5


Mr. Nussbaum


 FRACTION EATERS: These T-shirt heads have a huge appetite for fractions! Students will have to find equivalent fractions and eat them up, all the while avoiding the gobbling monster following closely behind.


Students have to arrange all the equivalent fractions and fraction bars into the correct "teams" in this interactive math game.


Math Nook – fun games in math for all grades      


IXL Math Practice Website – grades preK – 6th


Math Frog grades 3 - 5


Math Games – Learning games for kids – some are tough!


Math Games – Skillswise BBC – 39 different games to practice all different math skills – grades 3 - 5


Johnnie’s Math Page -  Interactive math tools, math activities and math fun for kids and their teachers – Grades K - 5


Math Mayhem - Choose one of the four math operations to begin, where students will race against other contestants as soon as the timer begins its countdown, to solve as many math problems as possible, as quickly as possible. It's a good way to practice math facts, with fun drills.


Game Classroom – games in Math and Language Arts by grade (K-6); also some review questions and multiple answers


Math Lines –There are lots of variations now on this popular math game. This one works by getting rid of pairs that add up to ten. Students can move through successive levels by eliminating all number balls. You should try to build up same number rows for extra points. (Learning Games for Kids)