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Kidrex – type in your topic and Kidrex will suggest many good “kid” sites

**NEW Einstein for Kids - This has a lot of information about Albert Einstein that kids would be interested in.  It's a website created by Eli S, 4th grade, PS 41.

How Stuff Works

Science Bob

Kids Konnect

Kids Sites – Links to several science sites

Several good links to websites


Everyday Mysteries

The Science Club

KidsHealth for Kids – fun website with great information, games and recipes for kids to make

Inspiring Invention – Fun Sites for Kids (MIT)

Try Science (New York Hall of Science)

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet – from Discovery Kids

Exploratorium Seeing Exhibits – Optical Illusions

EXPLORATORIUMfun objects to make at home

National Park Service Gozone – Fun in the National Parks

Cool Science for Curious Kids

Science games – Funschool

Eco Kids – games and activities 3rd – 5th grade

Kids Online K-2

Fizzy’s Lunch Lab – nutrition, videos, games to play outside and worksheets to print

Kinetic CityThis site has a great collection of science experiments, games, science based activities and challenges – grades 3 -8

Geology and Geography for Kids

3M Science of Everyday Life – fun science experiments to do at home

Zoom Sci – Mix Hot Science with cool ideas! - PBS

Powerplay – an activity about capturing power (Science Net Links)

Eco Kids – games and activities on animals, environment, etc.

Kinetic City – experiments, games and activities, grades 3-5

Game for Science – upper grades

Ology – a fun site for kids interested in science.  They have information on Astronomy, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Earth, Einstein, Expeditions, Genetics, Marine Biology, Paleontology, Water, Zoology (American Museum of Natural History)

Engineering Interact – Activities, games and lessons on light, sound, forces and motion, earth and beyond, and electricity.  Good for ages 9 -11.  (U. of Cambridge)

4L Science – life, material and physical science - good information and more links for other sites (Channel 4 Learning)

Hands on Science Resources for Home and School 



Space - Kids Sites – Links to several sites

Amazing Space

Ask an Astronomer for Kids


Hands on Astronomy Activities for Kids

NASA for Kids

Kids’ Astronomy

Starchild – A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

Windows 2 Universe - space

AstroMatic 3000 – find out what you would weigh and what your age would be on other planets (NASA Kids Club)

The Milky Way Galaxy – American Museum of Natural History

Planet Trading Cards for Younger Kids – print out and find some interesting facts (Amazing Space)


Electronic Zoo - Netvet

Enchanted Learning – Endangered - Go to animal printouts and then to endangered.


Endangered Species

WWF Fun and Wildlife Games

Natural History Notebook

National Geographic Creature Feature

American Kennel Club - dogs

All About Beavers (For Creative Minds)

Seaworld Animal Information
Arctic Animals

Kidsplanet - Polar Bears

A to Z Kids - Polar Bears



The Butterfly Site

The Children’s Butterfly Site

Pest World for Kids - All about bugs


Virtual Roach – See 3D versions of the roach, its skeleton and organs (Orkin)

Zoom in on True Bugs - Scholastic

The Great Horned Owl (For Creative Minds)





Volcano Experience - live volcano-cams and interactive games make learning about volcanoes fun.

Monterey Bay Aquarium – activities and games on the ocean and its inhabitants

Smithsonian Ocean Portal – Ocean Life and Ecosystems

Sea Animal Guide – Monterey Bay Aquarium

Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whales – booklet to print out with info and fun activities

Deep Sea Memory Game – Monterey Bay



Snow Crystals

The Wilds of Madagascar – PBS – NOVA

Earth Science for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade – KOL at AOL

What Tree Is It? – identify different trees by their leaves, fruit or name. Ohio Division of Forestry

Photosynthesis – an animation Un. of Alberta, Ca

The Air in the Earth's Atmosphere- learn more about the many layers of the atmosphere 


Zoom Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Database – Kids Dinos

Make a Dinosaur – Kids Dinos




Kids & Teens Buildings and Bridges

Bridge Building

How Bridges Work

Fun and Learning About Bridges


ArchKidecture - Architecture for Kids


Biology for Kids

Science Netlinks – You have to place organs from the 4 major body systems – see how much you know!

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