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This website was created for the children at PS 41Q in Bayside, New York.  There are recommended sites in many topics and all are geared for the elementary child.
General Research Websites and Search Engines


Search Engines 

Kidrex – a safe search engine for kids, by kids

Gogooligans - a safe search engine for kids

General Search Engine for Kids

KidsClick – web search for kids by librarians

Google -When you type in the name of the item you're researching type in for kids right after that (eg. "giraffe for kids")

Ask for Kids - Good for all grades.

Answers.com - Generally good for older grades.

One Key – The Kid Safe Search Engine




www.wikipedia.org - This website can have students add to the information so it is not always entirely accurate.

Academic Kids Encyclopedia

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary

Dictionary & Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster

One Look Dictionary Search Engine

Free Dictionary

Homework help

Factmonster - This is a combination of information and fun games, all in a bright and interesting presentation.

Enchanted Learning - This has many activities including information on animals, holidays, languages, all geared to the elementary student.


Kids Page - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

KidSpace @ the Internet  Public Library - Links to information by subject

4Kids.org  Cool Spots - Links to websites for kids by subject

Alvarado Cyber Explorers

Game Goo – Learning that Sticks - more middle elementary games

Franklin Institute – Hot Lists of great websites by subject


Owl for kids - Created by the people who make OWL, Chickadee, and Chirp Magazines, this site offers three age levels for fun interaction: kids 3-6 years old, 6-9 years old, and 9-13 years old

International Children’s Digital Library

Kidport – How to learn, enhance your education and have fun doing it!

World Almanac for Kids

Cybersleuth for Kids

IPL Kidspace – whole variety of websites listed- games, reference, informational, etc.

Awesome Library for Kids - variety of info by subject

Mr. Nussbaum - many activities for several grades

Homework Help – videos and activities to help you understand your homework – many subjects

ABC ya! - Kindergarten through 5th grade - Math, reading and computer skills

Dositey - Kindergarten to grade 8 - math and language arts activities

Homework Help Jr – Kindergarten – 2nd grades

Sites for Grades Kindergarten – 2nd

Disney’s Winnie the Pooh - Fun and games for young children

Silly Books - All kinds of fun activities for Preschool to 3rd grade

AOL at School - This has information and links for all of our children and targets Kindergarten - 2nd Grade. 

Kids Know It Network – a lot of information and fun games

Computer Lab Favorites – 50 one stop learning activities for grades K-2 and also grades 3-5 - Scholastic

Power My Learning - Great activities by grade and subject

Wonderopolis - Where the wonders of learning never cease



Time for Kids - News and information destination for kids from the creators of TIME magazine.